Cilium Engineering is a Start-Up company founded in 2014 to commercialize solutions developed while working on scientific projects, mainly Project Solaris. Our main goal is to bring advanced algorithms, devices and technologies to the market. We have a truly global experience.

At Cilium we believe that the best solution to complex problems lies in a simple and efficient design, strong connection between hardware and software that are custom built to provide the best end-user experience.

We have experience in implementing and commissioning our solutions in various parts of the world.

Modular design is effective, easy to maintain and upgrade. It provides a good level of flexibility and interoperability with other components.

We are a small, flexible hardware engineering company based in Poland that specializes in autonomous observatories. We provide custom, tailored solutions designed to fulfill rigorous requirements of advanced robotic systems. Whether you need to design an autonomous observatory from scratch, or you just need a specific hardware/software module to add to your existing system, we have the expertise and know-how to satisfy your needs.