Observatory Dome and Intelligent Building System

The dome serves as shelter for all of the observatory’s equipment except for the externally installed monitoring devices and sensors. It exposes the night sky by opening the clamshell structure during a cloudless night allowing the telescope to observe and protects it from external conditions whenever it’s not safe to do so.

We equip the dome with a dedicated BMS system that allows the dome to operate autonomously and provides essential security procedures that will keep the equipment in a safe environment. The HVAC system packed with sensors makes sure that the temperature and humidity are always kept within the predefined safety limits.

Astronomical Equipment

Astronomical equipment is the quintessence of an autonomous observatory. It’s up to the user to define the scope of activities that will be undertaken with a given telescope.

The telescope gathers light that is then passed through a series of instruments that modify and/or record the light. These instruments include: filter wheels, field rotators and CCD cameras and are referred to as the imaging train.

We provide counseling in choosing the right set of components that will be properly suited for a given application. The telescope and all the equipment attached to it are mounted on a two- degree of freedom robotic mount that allows the telescope to be pointed at any point of the visible sky

Environment Monitoring Equipment and Supporting Systems

To allow autonomous operation of an astronomical observatory, the environment must be carefully monitored at all times.

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